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Will a robot eat your job?

A recent bank of England Study has said that 15 million of the UKs 30 million jobs could be at risk from automation over the coming years. Meanwhile, a US PEW study found that two-thirds of Americans believe that in … Continue reading

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People as Pets

A Korn Ferry study of 800 business leaders across the globe has found that business leaders think that tech will create more value than people in the future. 44 per cent of bosses go as far as saying that automation, … Continue reading

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Paperless offices – a rant

Getting back to physical offices, it’s not just the workers that are starting to disappear but the paperwork too. Historically, paper has always been an important part of office life and the idea of a paperless office has been a … Continue reading

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Blurring and convergence

One of the key drivers of global change is the convergence of technologies. This is, in turn, driving the convergence of products and ultimately services. Meanwhile, over in business (and especially retail), we are experiencing a blurring of industries and … Continue reading

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The paradox of globalisation

The more globalisation takes hold the more powerful small local players become. Equally, the stronger the forces of globalisation, the more important provenance and personalisation become. There is even a school of thought that says globalisation is coming to an … Continue reading

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The success of failure

In the IPO prospectus for Google, the company stated that it would invest in projects that had a 10% chance of success if the return could be a billion dollars plus. The company also said it would ‘place smaller bets … Continue reading

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Polarisation of markets

Markets used to consist of a broad range of offerings ranging from the cheap and basic to luxury and expensive. Not any more. As people have become richer and technology has become cheaper, markets have started to polarise between the … Continue reading

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Work-life balance

Companies are looking to reduce fixed costs while employees want flexibility in terms of hours and location of work. Result? — an increase in part time work, working from home, virtual offices, sabbaticals and ‘downshifting’ (25% of homes now contain … Continue reading

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The death of manufacturing

Thirty years ago most Western countries had between 20-40% of their workforces in manufacturing. Now the figure is closer to 2-4%. Have we seen a shift like this before? Yes. During the industrial revolution and, more recently at the end … Continue reading

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There is a lot of talk about the growing power and influence of Brazil, Russia, India and China (the so-called BRIC countries) and companies are falling over themselves to invest in China in particular. For example, according to McKinsey Asia … Continue reading

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