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Future of Public Libraries

Remember the scenarios for public libraries in the year 2030? Well the pack of strategy wildcards that I mentioned a few weeks ago is now available online from the State Library for purchase. A snip at under $20. Link coming … Continue reading

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European Wildcards

Good conversation over dinner last night with a bunch of non-executive directors of ASX companies (hosted by PWC). Especially interesting was a discussion about Greece, the latest economic acronym PIGS* (Portugal, Italy, Greece & Spain) and where the debt contagion … Continue reading

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Strategic Wildcards

As part of the Bookends scenario project looking at the environments public libraries might have to contend with in the year 2030, Oliver Freeman and myself have come up with a set of playing cards to help individual libraries test … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

I cut this out of the FT on a plane recently but I can’t quite remember where it’s from. I’m pretty sure it’s the back page column by Harry Eyres. ” We are much more vulnerable now than we were … Continue reading

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China Wildcard

You are going to think I’m totally mad but I have a gut feeling that China is going to collapse. Not today. Not next week. Not even next year. But I think that within the next ten years – maybe … Continue reading

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Scenarios for the End of America

Nice article on Slate a while back titled How Is America Going To End? by Josh Levin. Essentially a brief look at the ways in which the US could come to a sticky end over the next 100 years. Overall … Continue reading

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The Iranian Wildcard

Is Israel about to start a war with Iran? Tensions between the US and Israel seem to be growing, but so too is antagonism between Israel and Iran. Of course, starting a war is one thing, winning one is something … Continue reading

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