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Richard Watson – TEDx Lodz

The video of me talking at TEDx in Poland has finally gone up (we’re all still waiting for the film from Germany as far as I know). It’s basically about thinking spaces and, in particular, why I feel it’s important … Continue reading

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TEDx Poland

Here’s the text of my recent talk at TEDx in Lodz (with one tiny addition I thought of on the plane home). — I’ve been thinking. About thinking. Specifically, how do everyday environments change how we think? Some time ago … Continue reading

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Inspiration strikes!

Typical. I’ve just spent half a day drafting some material for a TEDx talk in Poland next month and had to junk the whole thing. I was planning, yet again, to talk about how architecture influences thinking when I suddenly … Continue reading

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TED talk (I won’t know what I think until I see what I say)

Here’s the text of my recent TEDx talk in Germany. Note that these are only my notes and not what actually came out of my mouth… If you gave an infinite number of futurists an infinite amount of time, would … Continue reading

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Questions about the future

I don’t usually run workshops (so many people are so much better at it than I) but I was persuaded  to do so at TEDx in Munich yesterday. We started off with three questions, which were; 1. If you met … Continue reading

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TEDx in Munich was fun. I didn’t come away with any answers, but I did certainly come across some good questions. One question, courtesy of  Dr X (I’ve forgotten his name!) was why we spend so much time building machines … Continue reading

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