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Time that’s wasted is not wasted time

I suppose if you’re writing a book about wasting time, empty spaces, messing around and doing nothing at all it goes without saying that you need to waste time, gaze into space, mess about and do nothing at all. I … Continue reading

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OMG, I just finished a book

Not 100% true. It’s finished in the sense that I hit the required word count, very mechanical, but it still needs a very big polish. The image above is London, which I’m finding far more condusive to writing. Weirdly, less … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes

Actually, it’s more the change of location that’s made a difference. I’m finally back in the zone with the book. Writing like a demon…

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Writing Places

This sits alongside my last post, perhaps. I’m looking out of a window at 39,000 feet thinking about what the lack of oxygen outside might be doing to my brain. I’m wondering why my mind is wandering and puzzling how … Continue reading

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Writing Rooms

I’m out of the office. Well, I’m away from my usual office at any rate. I’m writing and my mind has wandered off into the distance to consider how a room, or a view at least, can impact how one … Continue reading

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