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Eco Anxiety

I’m starting to hear about people (teens and twenty-somethings primarily) that are getting seriously anxious and even clinically depressed about the state of the world, notably the environment.  People such as David Attenborough suggesting that humans are a plague or … Continue reading

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Digital technology and carbon emissions

I was at the Web Summit last week in Lisbon. I’ve never seen quite so many black North Face rucksacks in one place, although black faces were almost totally absent. OK, there was some refreshing energy and optimism, but also … Continue reading

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Digital Emissions

We hear a lot about the environmental costs of air travel. Burning jet fuel currently contributes around 2.5% to total carbon emissions. Therefore, fly less or stop flying altogether we’re told. But what you don’t hear so much about is … Continue reading

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Read this. It’s interesting.

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