Is spirituality is the new sex?

What’s hot in exhibitions right now


I’m not sure if this is a weak signal, but it’s interesting. An analysis of the Sotheby’s art prize has found that the theme of introspection, especially spiritually, is trending upwards, while sex is trending down. The data set is small, so beware of jumping to premature conclusions, but worth watching nevertheless.

The full article is worth a read.

Museum of Broken Relationships

Just going through three month’s worth of newspapers, magazines, journals and various online sources for the next issue of What’s Next (about 3-feet of material if you stack it up). Anyway, hugely disappointed with the analysis this quarter. Maybe it’s the uncertainty, but where have all the good ideas gone?

Especially disappointed by my subscription to Wired UK (reviews of tents! – why?). On the other hand, hugely impressed with what’s been in New Scientist recently. New Yorker another disappointment, but this is more than offset by the Atlantic and Harper’s. Also in love with the New York Times, Slate and quite liking something new called Arc magazine from New Scientist.

Time for the weekly statistic I think.

On average, 65,000 children in the UK are admitted to A&E Hospitals every year due to the accidental ingestion of medicines. (Journal of Pediatrics).

Actually, since it’s almost the weekend how about something else? If you happen to be in Zagreb, in Croatia, check out the Museum of Broken Relationships. Rather touching.