Idea of the month – social seating

So, I’m in Adelaide and there’s the world’s biggest space expo and exhibition happening alongside a festival of the future and future innovation. I’m in a hotel and eating breakfast by myself. So is more or less everyone else. But my suspicion is that some of these these people eating alone might be rather interesting. There a quite a few astronauts knocking around town for example.

So, here’s my idea. When I check into a hotel (or onto a flight for that matter) instead of asking whether I’d like a smoking or non-smoking room or equivalent, why can’t I be asked whether I’d like to meet someone new or perhaps ask me who I am and what I’m interested in and try to pair me with someone for breakfast or whatever.

1 thought on “Idea of the month – social seating

  1. The bar areas in American restaurants are exactly for that reason. When I’m travelling in the US I try to sit at the bar, where it’s much easier to strike up a conversation. It’s certainly easier than looking like a weirdo talking to strangers at a regular table.

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