The Future of Holidays













I’m working on a project exploring holidays five, ten and fifteen years hence.

Two questions for anyone that’s interested (perhaps you are on holiday and have nothing else to do). First, why do people go on holiday? Second, how might holidays change over the next 15 years or so? Note that I’m not especially interested in what might be termed the Wallpaper magazine end of the market. I’m interested in mass-market tourism (so ignore image above, which is clearly meant for Vogue Travel).

Also note that the final report will be publicly available and that the image above may be subject to copyright if I ever need the money.

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  1. Tuners Blog says:

    You are a human being, works 6 days a week. don’t need holiday ??
    Holiday makes people’s heart boost and refresh. Gives fuel in the engine.
    New places are being discovered, new sights are reveal.People are now going Amazon for passing holidays. its like going to change, nature,new.

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