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Cracked it. TEDx is done. It was either the sunshine, the deadline or the Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here) that did it. Personally, I’d say it was Welcome to the Machine mixed with some good coffee.

In other news (I’d say real news, but I’m not so sure in this case) I saw an article today saying that children as young as four are having therapy for addiction for compulsive behaviour caused by iPads. It was in the Daily Telegraph, so a bit of common sense and cynicism should be applied. Nevertheless, Dr Graham at the Caprio Nightingale Clinic in London has designed a 28-day “Digital Detox” course costing £16,000 (!) to wean teeny weenies off the hard stuff.

Now what did I say in Future Minds about computer addiction clinics? I wonder if they have the same issues in Australia? Maybe not. Every kid I meet last week seemed quite sane – addicted to either surfing or fishing.

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