Quote + rant

Here’s a quote you may like. I’ve spent most of the day planting box hedging, largely because it’s deeply satisfying, unlike my ‘new’ (it’s a 3) iPhone, which has become so annoying that I’ve given up trying to fix it.

I’m thinking of getting a nice metal hammer and smashing the s**t out of it. The battery life is equivalent to the lunchtime nap of a Mayfly and it’s latest little quirk is telling me that I don’t have enough credit to use data. I’m supposed to call 4444 to sort this out, but for some reason the ‘dismiss’ button is being dismissive and won’t f**ck off when I press it. It’s a good job I’m not having a heart attack and really need to use my f***ing phone.

BTW, my really old phone is doing just fine and seems to last a week with a single charge. Mind you, it’s somehow switched predictive texting off and refuses to let me change it back, which makes writing rather laborious, and one day last week suddenly switched to French without warning. Quelle surprise!

Oh, the quote…

“Entrepreneurs are congenitally wired to be too early. And being too early is a bigger problem than not being correct.”
– Marc Andreessen, Co-founder of Netscape

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