When no news is good news

Sorry for the radio silence but I’ve been in Paris for a week doing some work and reveling in the joys of disconnection (i.e. I gave my ancient GF4 Powerbook to someone recently and I can’t decide whether to replace it with a Macbook Air or an iPad).

Anyway, two discoveries. First, my zero email tranquility was enhanced by the fact that I didn’t read any newspapers for the week either.

Second, I am totally in love with Paris (Sorry Greece). Something about the aesthetic pleasure mixed up with civility and pace. Anyway, if you are in Paris anytime soon check out a restaurant called Les Cocottes Christian Constant. It’s possibly the best little restaurant in Paris.

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2 Responses to When no news is good news

  1. Dayra says:

    Well in somehow it is kind of luck to be disconnected for a while, refreshing I think! I have just got an iPad and it has too many things to stay connected and indeed, cool toy for reading. There is any link when people could see your conferences/seminars timetable?

  2. Richard says:

    You can look at http://www.nowandnext.com (under talks) but it’s historical. Moreover, 95% of the seminars are private not public. If I do any public lectures, bookshop talks etc I’ll make a note to blog it in advance (like I did with TEDx) and/or include a note on brainmail http://brainmail.nowandnext.com/

    Best wishes,


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