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Amount of information now being produced

Killer statistic: Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. – Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google. Question is, of course, what are we going to do with all this information?

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2012 Trends (for the more optimistically minded)

This was easier than I thought. I’ll flesh this out (and change my mind) over the coming months, but here’s the current list. 1. Mass intimacy 2. Augmented reality 3. Cloud services 4. Baking 5. Moral philosophy 6. Cuddly robots … Continue reading

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2012 Trends (a pessimists guide to the immediate future)

I’ve started to think about trends for the next 12-18 months and it’s come out as quite a depressing little list. Here they are. I will endeavour to put together something less pessimistic over the next few weeks. 1. Turbulence … Continue reading

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Observation of the day

Sign in a cafe in St John Street, London, yesterday: “Italian slow food, fast.” Go figure.

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Google anomaly

This is interesting. Why would Google pay somewhere between $100 million and $200 million for Zagat, the restaurant guide? Why didn’t they just crowd source their own reviews or aggregate other peoples’ content rather than buying a company that still … Continue reading

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TEDx Poland

Here’s the text of my recent talk at TEDx in Lodz (with one tiny addition I thought of on the plane home). — I’ve been thinking. About thinking. Specifically, how do everyday environments change how we think? Some time ago … Continue reading

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On lunch

6 million workers in the UK do not take lunch breaks according to a study by BUPA, a health insurance company. 34% say this is because of pressure from managers, while 50% say it’s due to excessive workloads. 48% also … Continue reading

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History repeats

Love this… “In Tunisia, protesters escalated calls for the restoration of the country’s suspended constitution. Meanwhile, Egyptians rose in revolt as strikes across the country brought daily life to a half. In Libya, provincial leaders worked feverishly to strengthen their … Continue reading

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What’s Next issue 29 is up

So what are you waiting for. Read it now. On a different topic, it was nice to read about the power of bare feet in the papers at the weekend. I remember reading some research many years ago that claimed … Continue reading

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Counting the the carbon cost of books

According to, the creation, production and disposal (or recycling) of a paper book creates 7.5KG of CO2 emissions. In contrast an iPad creates CO2 emissions of 130 Kg while a Kindle creates 168KG. So, after reading about 17 books … Continue reading

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