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Quote of the Week

“Copenhagen showed us the new normal…the US has lost influence, China plays spoiler and tiny nations veto anything they don’t like.” – Leslie Geld, the Daily Beast.

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Food trends for 2010

IN                           OUT Butchers                  Mixologists Lamb                       Pork Immunity foods        Omega 3 Homebrew               Mad science cocktails Potlucks                  Formal dining Chicken                  Wagu beef Locally grown          Faraway foods GMO *                    Overpriced organics Source: Epicurious & some others * Way too … Continue reading

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2000 AD

Nothing dates quite like the future. 2000 AD is a weekly science fiction comic that was first published in Britain in 1977. So, of course, it’s good fun to look back at a few old issues to see what has … Continue reading

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Population Estimates for the year 2050

Australia 35m Saudi Arabia 54m Iraq 54m UK 56m Afghanistan 61m Germany 73m Turkey 100m Iran 114m Philippines 130m Mexico 146m Indonesia 311m Pakistan 345m US 349m China 1,477m India 1,528m Ref: World

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The Ageing Opportunity

I’m often asked what you can practically do with some of these long-term trends like ageing. Well it’s not rocket science. It’s as simple as a good rocket salad. Here’s a great example of leveraging the ageing demographic from the … Continue reading

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How to be a Futurist (Part 2)

1. Cultivate the look of an expert (glasses are always good) 2. Sound really certain about things (people love precision) 3. Go against any traditional wisdom (always pick the opposite position) 4. Say things that are very difficult to substantiate … Continue reading

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10 TENsions for 2010

I like this. It’s a list of 10 tensions that will evolve during the course of the next decade. It’s not mine though. It’s from Ross Dawson used with permission. 1. Optimism – Fear Many companies and workers are now … Continue reading

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2010 Trends

Trend #1 – Globalization unraveling This is a very tricky one. It is likely that the global financial crisis is now over in most parts of the world (OK, maybe not in the UK and a few other fragile economies … Continue reading

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Ten or twenty years ago companies outsourced various activities to developing economies because of cost. Now the opposite is occurring. Companies (critically their customers, but increasingly their employees) are starting to question the high cost of low prices — specifically … Continue reading

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2010 Trends

Trend #3. Flight to the Physical Digitalisation has recently reshaped entire industries, including music, photography and publishing. It is also creating a ‘new normal’ in society generally. Thanks to digitalisation we are now constantly connected and expect to get whatever … Continue reading

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