2010 Trends – coming true already

Remember Unsupervised Adults? (Trend #4 – January 7).

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4 Responses to 2010 Trends – coming true already

  1. Craig Piercy says:

    Not exactly the same trend, but this post reminds me of the recent story about the Tech school principle who called in the bomb squad over a kids science project. The similarity is in the degree of overreaction.


  2. subpixel says:

    They should ban children flying without some sort of special-purpose permit instead.

  3. British Airways continues to develop policies and procedures that tarnish their brand image around the world.

    This is just another silly and stupid example of the trend by countries and companies to produce a global “nanny state” where the rights of individuals are trampled because a group of self-righteous people sit around a conference table to make procalmaitons on what they consider “the greater good” without consulting with their #1 audience — CUSTOMERS.

  4. MarkC says:

    Yet another reason not to fly with BA

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