Jobs of the Future

Here’s a good one. I’ve just been asked if I “know of any training courses for jobs that don’t necessarily exist yet.” You what? My answer is “no”, although here’s my list of jobs that don’t quite exist yet.

Email archivist
Animal rights attorney
Space elevator operative
Virtual identity consultant
Brain-machine interface developer
Hydrogen fuel station attendant
Robot mechanic
Virtual location scout
Space travel agent*
Employee gene screener
Personal brand consultant*
Telemedicine consultant
Centenarian surgeon
Internet addiction specialist
Islamic financial planner
Generational conflict resolution consultant
Personal risk analyst
Accelerated school learning consultant
Whole life experience planner
Green building inspector*
Medical tourism planner*
Space travel agent*
3-D printer repair operative
Sustainable death advisor/undertaker
Anxiety coach
Virtual world tour guide*
Medical data theft consultant
Water trader
Cyber-pet vet

* These probably do exist already.

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One Response to Jobs of the Future

  1. Kendall says:

    All of these jobs are HIGHLY interesting…but I do have a few questions about some of them…
    What will an animal need with an attorney?!
    Why would you want someone to plan your life?!
    How would a Cyber-pet vet help animals?
    Just Sayin’.

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