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Why the long face?

How are you? How’s life? In 2015, a YouGov survey found that 65% of the British (and a whopping 81% of the French) thought that the world was getting worse.  But it’s not, it’s been getting better for decades. On … Continue reading

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Zombies Rising

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Alternative Bio

I like this of yours truly: “A cross between a conductor, a wild genius, an opera romantic lead, and a matinee idol.” (my wife would add “and a bit of an idiot.”)

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If you aren’t nervous enough already, here’s something else to worry about. In December 1929, at the time of the Great American stock market crash, America suddenly fell victim to a pandemic. The disease, called psittacosis, had been known about … Continue reading

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Table of Elemental Scarcity

I vaguely remember seeing a different version of this, but huge thanks to Kevin for sending this one through. Not the best looking info graphic ever, but one of the more interesting. PDF here.

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It’s getting that way…

As seen in Edinburgh this morning. Is this anything to do with Brexit I wonder? I especially like the positiong next to the defribrillator!

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Who (or what) inspires you?

It’s such a simple question. OK, it has overtones of those motivational speakers you get, especially in the US, and those dreadful motivational posters too, but it’s still a great question. It’s also a really hard one to answer. I … Continue reading

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In, out, in, out, what’s it all about?

You put your first vote in your second vote out in, out, in, out you shake it all about You do the EU hokey cokey and you turn around that’s what Brexit’s all about Woah, the hokey cokey woah, the … Continue reading

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Table of Megatrends & Technologies (in Polish)

If anyone out there did this or knows who did please get in touch. I don’t mind at all, but I would love a digital copy.

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Thought for the day

There is occasional wisdom in card shops….

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