The World in 2045


Last week I was with RAND in Cambridge discussing the nature of the state in 2045. This week it was the DCDC Strategic Trends folks down in Wiltshire talking more broadly about what might reasonably happen by 2045. The discussion was largely focused on five key areas; demographics, globalisation, the changing nature and distribution of power, technology and governance, although we also debated climate change, urbanisation, inequality, the economy, energy, migration, identity and religion at some length.

If you’ve been following my posts about the 2045 project (see link below) the latest news is that GST 5 will be published in April 2014. Between now and then I will post some of my own thoughts about what the enduring and emerging themes might be out to 2045.

Image above is from 1939 (via Paleo Future). BTW, is it just me or does this image remind anyone of War of the Worlds, which was written 41 years earlier (1898)?

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