Back into the swing

Where to start? A number that recently jumped out for me was that a charity called the Child Poverty Action Group in the UK spent £1,551,000 of its income of £1,990,000 on wages (Daily Telegraph). So the primary activity of this non-profit is its own existence?

Also spotted was a piece saying that almost 50% of parents impose a gadget-free days on their children each week and another from last month about expensive electronic gadgets displacing low-cost and free outdoor play.

However, my favourite article over the past days has been a post on the Fast Company website about the benefits of silence – or at least why some of the quietest people at work can be the most productive.

I’m now off. I’m going to listen to the album Grace by Jeff Buckey and seeing which combinations of words come out of my fingertips…

(PS Thanks Orkneylad).



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