Things that are being killed off by digitalisation

21 Things that are being killed off by digitalisation

1. Memory
2. Privacy
3. Experts
4. Concentration
5. Listening to a whole album
6. Punctuality
7. Telephone directories
8. Cheap watches
9. Letter writing
10. Spelling
11. Printing photographs
12. Copyright
13. Personal re-invention
14. Plagiarism
15. Reflection
16. Paper money
17. Paper statements
18. Airline tickets
19. Concert tickets
20. Landline telephones
21. Intimacy

:and 7 things that aren’t

1. Public libraries
2. Vinyl record shops
3. Newspapers (look at the data globally)
4. Physical banks
5. Meetings
6. Paper
7. Church

Inspired by Inspired by 50 Things that are being killed by the internet

5 thoughts on “Things that are being killed off by digitalisation

  1. Disagree with quite a few!

    2. Privacy – digitalisation lets you see what data organisations hold on you much more easily
    3. Experts – Everyone on twitter seems to be an expert!
    6. Punctuality – my google calendar means I’m never late!
    8. Cheap watches – eh? Digital watches are very cheap!
    9. Letter writing – people write more e-mails than they ever did letters
    10. Spelling – people read more and write more online
    13. Personal re-invention – you can have multiple online identities including anonymous ones
    14. Plagiarism – Plagiarism is rife online!
    15. Reflection – My blog and my twitter accounts are amazing reflective tools

  2. My response…

    2. Yes, that’s the flip side
    3. Ummm
    6. You are an exception as far as I’m concerned
    8. People using phones instead of watches to tell time – but take your point
    10. But the spelling is worse! (too rushed – like this response!!)
    13. Difficult to kill of what you don’t like though (the old you)
    14. Badly put (by me). I mean the idea that it’s bad is declining
    15. Ummm

  3. We got an interesting piece of a survey at work the other day, that showed that printed TV listings (TV guides, newspaper listings) and even internet TV listings are increasingly being ignored in favour of word of mouth and the on-TV guides that come with DVRs and the like. In this survey, the internet listings had the smallest number of users – technology killing off technology…

  4. I just finished my MLIS and my husband owns a record store. Thank you for the peace of mind!

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