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Tiny desk concert

It’s stopped raining (maybe) and I think the last post was a little short, so here’s some mellow music with a difference….and thanks Sven!

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Brain Eno giving good quote

Sorry. It’s starting to become quote central. But I like this. A lot. Get over it. This man has a brain the size of a planet. This is from SciFoo via Guy Weber via Roberto Trotta at Imperial. I may … Continue reading

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The Return of Vinyl (on the 13.58 from Brussels)

Whoever it was that once accused me of being a “reluctant futurist” got me exactly right. I love looking forwards, but I also rejoice in going backwards. I’ve just been to Brussels again and this time ended up in Autoworld. … Continue reading

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Music on the brain

              How can employers increase the quality of thinking inside their organisations? The use of music is one option, although its abstract nature and ubiquity can mean that we forget about its power. The … Continue reading

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Musical Hallucinations

I’ve just removed this from my new book because it didn’t fit. Seems a shame not to use it somewhere, hence the post. — Musical hallucinations are a case in point. These are auditory hallucinations in which a piece of … Continue reading

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