The Five Stages of Disconnection

Just had my email down for about a week. Five stages: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Seems OK now.

Meanwhile been working on the final stages of my new megatrends map and there’s a megatrend on it I’ve called Easternisation. Then, this morning, I accidently found an old newspaper cutting that’s a review of a book called Easternisation by Gideon Rachman. It’s about war and peace in the Asian century. Guess that’s my subconscious working again!

Anyway, great quote in the review as follows:

“Railways and gunships are not enough. You need Shakespeare and the common law; you need blue jeans and Mickey Mouse. Without them you are left with the drivers of greed and fear, which will build you a working despotism, but never a civilization.”

Fear and greed…now there’s a couple of enduring megatrends.