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Why Steampunk is an important trend

Imagine, for a moment, that the English mathematician, engineer and inventor Charles Babbage (1791-1871) had pursued his vision and created a fully functional personal computer. Imagine, also, that instead of silicon Babbage had done it with brass, steel and leather. … Continue reading

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Future Minds on Moncole Weekly

How can anyone have anything remotely interesting to say every single day? OK, it’s called being a journalist, but they have a bit of help. Nothing whatsoever to report today other than say I had a really fun time being … Continue reading

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Connectivity Addiction

According to the New York Times, American teens* sent or received an average of 2,272 text messages per month last year. Assuming 8 hours of sleep that’s 142 messages every day. This is an almost continuous flow of information. But … Continue reading

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World’s Tallest Then & Now

This first image is of the world’s tallest buildings – in 1884. Note what the buildings are for and who owns them (most are churches and most are in Europe). Contrast with the second image, which is the world’s tallest … Continue reading

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It’s all about me

One thing I’ve noticed recently is the culture of me. Individualism has taken a nasty turn whereby people now feel that they are at the centre of the universe. Hence, rules created for the benefit of society as a whole … Continue reading

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Future Minds Map (final version)

Here it is at last. The story here is that my UK publisher wanted a map for my new book (Future Minds). I said he couldn’t have one. I had exhausted the subway map genre and couldn’t think how else … Continue reading

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Top Search Terms

A good Twitter posse is better than a Google algorithm. Discuss. (With apologies to Bruce Nussbaum at Business Week).

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