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Musical Hallucinations

I’ve just removed this from my new book because it didn’t fit. Seems a shame not to use it somewhere, hence the post. — Musical hallucinations are a case in point. These are auditory hallucinations in which a piece of … Continue reading

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Offices and Thinking

Offices have historically been thought of as places for clerical work and therefore the focus has been on the efficiency of the physical space. In other words, if what an employee is doing is mindlessly repetitive then physical comfort is … Continue reading

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Statistic of the Week

Collectively, the world’s airlines have lost US$49 billion over the past ten years. Ref: Australian Financial Review (Aus)

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Dangers of Left-Brain Thinking

Interesting article in the Nikkei Weekly (Japan) about a University of Tokyo Professor, Toru Nishigaki, who claims that the collapse of Lehman Brothers can be attributed to an over reliance of logical left brain thinking. In other words, we have … Continue reading

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Most Popular Places on the Internet

As you might know, I’m a huge fan of data visualisation so here’s something I really like. A map from the BBC showing where people go on the internet. Link:

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Teaching Kids to Think

I’ve been reading something in a newspaper about Edward de Bono, who is suggesting that schools should teach children how to think. I agree but with a few additions. We need to rebalance how people are taught to think and … Continue reading

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The Future of Museums and Libraries

Nice wiki about the future of museums and libraries. Here’s what they say… A collaborative resource based on The Future of Museums and Libraries: A Discussion Guide, [] that is available and used by others across the museum and library … Continue reading

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2010 + Ten Trends

Here’s the promised link for my 2010 + 10 Trends: Predictions and Provocations report. Note it’s 36 pages and the file size is about 5 megs. Personally I don’t like it for some reason. No idea why. The link … Continue reading

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Will We Own IT or Will IT Own Us?

Can you imagine what it might have been like to live in Florence during the renaissance? According to Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired magazine, we are, without realising it, witnessing something similar. We have already seen the creation of … Continue reading

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Real Life Lost in a Virtual World.

This is beyond belief. A couple in South Korea have allegedly allowed their small baby daughter to starve to death because they became obsessed with raising an ‘avatar child’ in a virtual world called Prius Online. According to police reports, … Continue reading

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