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Summary of Trends for 2011+

I’ve been cruising around the web for information about trends for 2011 (so you don’t have to) and here’s what I’ve found that interests me. This is essentially a summary of what a few trend watchers, researchers and consultants are … Continue reading

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Internet privacy & security

Here’s a saltatory reminder about why you should be careful about what you post online. Adam Savage is a host of the TV series “Myth Busters.” One day he innocently decided to post a picture of his new Toyota outside … Continue reading

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2011 Trends

I’m sitting looking out of a window unable to see very much due to the snow storm outside. I think this could be a good metaphor for 2011. The only visible trend is that there’s no clear trend visible (or … Continue reading

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Trends for 2011

#6. Pyjamas In 1970, Alvin and Heidi Toffler wrote about the “Future Shock” created by rapid technological change. Fast-forward to 1991 and Faith Popcorn predicted the emergence of ‘cocooning’ – a reaction against the unpredictable and somewhat stressful nature of … Continue reading

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Rise of the one-day weekend

A survey has found that most workers in the UK require 19 hours to clear their heads from the previous week’s work. Most do not fully relax until 12.38pm on Saturday and start worrying about work again by 3.55pm on … Continue reading

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Book statistics

Here’s another one from the tarmac at Milan airport. In 2009 there were 133,000 books published in the UK – a record number. However, just 500 authors (1%) were responsible for 30% of book sales. But if you think that’s … Continue reading

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There’s nothing easy about easyJet

Yesterday I flew with what is possibly the worst run airline in the world. The flight was late, of course, they didn’t say what was going on until the very last minute and once on board they started the flight … Continue reading

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Trends for 2011

#5. Resurgent Religion Imagine no religion. It appears that many people can’t. Education, science and technology are supposed to be making religion redundant but it appears that the opposite is the case. When times are complex and confusing religion offers … Continue reading

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Plagiarism becoming more acceptable

A study by the Center for Academic Integrity has found that around 40% of 14,000 undergraduate students in the US admit to copying “a few sentences” from the internet for assignments. Interestingly, the number that believe such copying is “serious … Continue reading

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2011 Trends

#4. Formality Democracy and anti-elitism have led to the growth of informality in recent years. This has been accelerated by the egalitarian tendencies of the Internet – or at least by the egalitarian ethos of internet start-ups. However, the global … Continue reading

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