Scenarios for 2009+

The 2009 trends map is coming very soon but in the meantime here is something else I’ve been working on with Oliver Freeman and Wayde Bull. The drivers of change used here are the general level of optimism and whether or not people will become socially active or passive. Top of mind is the environment in the broadest sense. I will post more about each of the four future worlds over the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Scenarios for 2009+

  1. It´s really interesting to see “Smart Planet” in your model because today I have talked with some friends of mine that work at IBM. The big blue company is working with this concept: a more smarter planet will be a great legacy for the future generations!

  2. I heard about that about a week ago but we didn’t steal it, honest! I guess some people are just thinking along very similar lines. Here’s a bit more on Smart Planet…

    This is a world where people are fully aware of climate concerns and other worries but have a belief in science, human ingenuity and the power of free markets to sort everything out. It is a world of radical re-engineering and inventiveness; biotechnology and nanotechnology, both driven by a free market. Clean tech is huge and companies are squeaky clean, both in terms of transparency but also in terms of carbon neutrality. Winning companies build platforms using science and technology.

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