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Thought for the Day

There’s nothing wrong with gearing, it’s what you are gearing that is the issue.” – Chris Caton, Economist.

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Consequences of Climate Change

If you are the worrying type don’t read this… Are plague outbreaks related to climate? According to a team of Norwegian researchers the answer could be yes. Wet and warm spring conditions lead to an increase in rodent numbers which … Continue reading

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The Future of Travel

I’m just writing a presentation for a conference on eco-travel and something just hit me… In the future people will not be defined by what they take on holiday but by what they leave behind. This works on a couple … Continue reading

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Read It and Reap

I’m speechless. Who says apathy or illiteracy is ascendant? This is the full text of Obama’s victory speach… OBAMA: Thank you so much. (APPLAUSE) Thank you very much. (APPLAUSE) Thank you, everybody. To — to Chairman Dean and my great … Continue reading

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Future Files – Preface to the Korean Edition

Something I’ve just written for readers in Korea but I think parts of it are universal… Korea is a country that interests me. Unfortunately I have never been but I am a follower of the country, particularly due to Korea’s … Continue reading

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Not Invented Here

Got a great letter from Hallmark Consumer Care the other day in response to an idea I sent them a while back. I quote. “Thank you for contacting Hallmark. Although we are honored that you would think of Hallmark, we … Continue reading

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