An emerging inactivity crisis (with no real friends)

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Spoiled for choice today. First, a study by Oxford University suggests that the average Facebook user has 155 friends (close to the ‘Dunbar number’ of 150, which anthropologists suggest is the maximum number of friends that humans can maintain relationships with). However, the study also says that the average user has mere 4 friends that are any use. ‘Any use’ is my phrase, but the study found that only 4 friends can be relied on to help in a real crisis.

Meanwhile, a study conducted on behalf of the British Heart Foundation says that 9 out of 10 ‘iPad toddlers’ are not physically active enough to be healthy. 84% of pre-school children in the UK do not even manage 1 hour of exercise per day. As Steven Ward, of UK Active comments: ‘The fact is that the current generation is hunched over screens from an early age and the iPhone has become the dummy of today’s society”.

Obviously I’m writing this hunched over a screen and tethered to an iPhone….

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