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Here are the first testimonials for my new book Digital vs Human.We are in the process of editing these down so they can be used on the cover, which I’ll be sharing with you shortly.

“A highly readable, witty and wise book, richly informative, sharply critical but balanced, an excellent investigation of the achievements and predictions of digital technology.”
Theodore Zeldin, author of The Hidden Pleasures of Life

“The issues he addresses are pertinent, the questions he asks are incisive, and the ideas he assembles are tantalising.”
Dr Jules Goddard, Fellow, London Business School

“In a culture obsessed with the kind of skills and performance that could turn the next generation into second-rate automata, Watson readjusts the focus to what really counts: feelings and relationships of all kinds. He presents a truly persuasive case for his claim that: ‘It’s not the internet that should be at the heart of things, but the human heart”.
Professor Susan Greenfield, author of Mind Change

“A remarkable and important book, which examines our possible futures with great humanity and a clear eye. Everyone should read it.”
Lavie Tidhar, author of A Man Lies Dreaming

“Richard Watson doesn’t write like your average futurist. He’s interested in people, not machines, and so his analysis of the way our world is changing has a very human and accessible quality. Most futurists seek to sell you a vision of the future, but Richard’s there to help show you the way.”
Antony Funnell, presenter of ABC Radio National Future Tense

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3 Responses to Digital vs Human – early testimonials

  1. Bradley says:

    Your flowers need more water.

  2. Richard says:

    It’s the after shave that’s even stranger….

  3. Bradley says:

    I just got this through via email and thought of you:

    Germany appears to be leading the way with ensuring digitisation is slowly released/ implemented across industries.

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