2017 Trends

I’ve been thinking a little more about my list of trends for 2017 and beyond and here’s a little update including a prediction or two.

Continuance of volatility, confusion, ambiguity and uncertainty
Growth of dystopian sci-fi to counter (or at least dilute) the above
Growth of the internet of (everyday) things, especially smart sensors
Growth of Augmented Reality and entry into business applications
Emergence of hybrid or mixed reality environments in retail
Continuation of cyber-attack attempts on critical infrastructure
Growth of nationalism/protectionism and to a degree isolationism
Digital services added to physical products (mirror worlds)
Voice interfaces becoming more mainstream (e.g. Amazon Echo)
Emotionally aware machines and conversational computers (See above)
3D printed food gets discussed, but generally disgusts
Wireless charging pads in workplace, home and retail environments
Next generation of fast charging batteries competes with the above
Sunscreen pills appear, but nobody trusts them
Portable laser pens to treat minor wounds (e.g. on battlefields)
Growth of the virtual economy (e.g. people paying to ‘see’ virtual bands)
Software than can write itself
Prosthetic limbs with a sense of touch
Blockchain applications beyond payments
Epidemic of ‘study drugs’ in UK and US universities
Continuation of energy decentralisation
Apple either announce an iCar or an iPaddlock
Resurgence of craft and analogue products
Back-lash against digital privacy invasions
Back-lash against Big Tech

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