Trumpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

I know. Where’s Watson been? To be honest with you my heart has not been in it for a while. I’ve been working on the new map but beyond that I’ve not been doing a lot. But I’m back now. Spent the day with lawyers and bankers worrying about Donald Trump. He’s even scarier than Putin and clearly a man without any kind of plan whatsoever. The prospect of the pair of them is enough to make me want to buy a single ticket to Tasmania.

So you want a prediction? I think Hilary is going to win by a long margin and they’ll be an inquest into why the polls were so wrong (sound familiar?). I’m not saying this is a good result, but it’s the lesser of twin evils. But I doubt that’s the end of Trumpty Dumpty and I hate to think of some of the nasty things that will be unleashed if he does indeed lose.

On a more upbeat note, I got home tonight to find that the friendly folks at Investec Bank (not the people I was with today by the way) had sent me a copy of Yuval Harari’s new book Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Can’t wait to get stuck in to that.

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