Brainmail issue #100

Just about to make issue 98 of brainmail live. To celebrate issue number 100 I’m thinking about having a few small drinks parties. Maybe London, Sydney and New York. Register your interest (but more importantly your location)below via comments.

31 thoughts on “Brainmail issue #100

  1. Yes! Located in Los Angeles but you could do a meetup in San Francisco maybe. Since you write a lot about tech. So LA or SF. I can help you organize an event!
    Congrats on this milestone! Also have and read all your books 🙂

  2. Nice, France. There are now several micro breweries (whatever next?) and endless sunshine, except when it rains like today, and tomorrow and Sunday….

  3. Drinks? Hell yes! It’s been too long Richard, drop me a line when you’re next in Sydney.

  4. OK, if you’re in Sydney May 16-22 I’m at the Writers’ Festival. Let’s do a drinks! May also be coming to Brisbane.

    Or if you’re London keep 21 April in your head – more to be revealed in due course.

    New York, LA, SF, Nice(!), Grenada (!!!) etc I’ll let you know if I’m passing through.

  5. You’ll never come here, but here’s hoping anyways…! I’m an English lass living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada 😛

  6. Europe. Luxembourg preferred, with Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt all within driving distance.

  7. You know, if I can combine brainmail drinks with a bit of something on the new book I feel a road trip coming on!


  8. So here’s a 100th idea – via Colin. How about creating a pack of cards based on the best bits of brainmail – the facts/stats essentially. Any buyers out there?

  9. Could the cards work as a trivial pursuit style game / strange but true multiple choice questions on the cards. New edition every year launched in time for Christmas shopping?

  10. Actually want to do it? You can have all the $$$ so long as there’s a link back to brainmail via a URL or something. Worth asking you! 🙂

  11. Just decided to do London on 21 April. Post here if you can make it and I’ll send details.
    Sydney could be week of 16 May and New York might be June.

  12. Hi Richard – just seeing your reply 🙂
    Not something I would have capacity to take on currently, but happy for someone else to run with or explore further !

  13. Me neither! I will get around to it as it’s an idea that’s been on my radar a while. Just won’t make it in time for issue 100 I’m afraid.

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