Wine lists on paper vs. screens



Should wine lists only be allowed to exist on paper?

This is priceless. I was at dinner in London last night and asked for the wine list. The list promptly appeared – on an iPad. Great idea in theory, especially with longer lists, but we got locked out of the wine list twice because we forgot the password! (we’d been drinking).

So the question is should a list of wines, which to me are all about geography, provenance and age-old artisan skills, be allowed to exist digitally or float around in the cloud? My personal answer is fine to digital, just as long as I can still have the option of paper.

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2 Responses to Wine lists on paper vs. screens

  1. Bradley says:

    You can tell you’d been drinking. Who else types a PIN number upside down????

  2. richard says:

    Not my hand – honest….

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