The Joy of Text (sometimes)


What am I doing? Avoiding re-writing the chapter on money in my new book Digital Vs. Human that’s what. It’s all over the place (and all over the floor as you can see). It’s partly a flow/logic thing, but this hasn’t been helped by the fact that it was written before I was 100% certain what the book was going to be called.

Spent yesterday with Imperial College vaguely thinking about the future of computing (that’s right, avoiding re-writing the chapter on money!). Also becoming obsessed with writing something, an essay perhaps, on how we think that we think but we don’t (aka, how we look without seeing).

Hey, maybe there’s book in this, although I’d obviously need to agree the title this time before I start writing.

BTW, if anyone (and I doubt it) would like to see the money chapter as is and watch as it develops do let me know.

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  1. Lynda Koster says:

    Hi Richard —
    Thanks again for sharing so much of your work here. I am raising my hand as someone who is interested in seeing the money chapter as is, and would love to watch as it develops.

    Looking forward to reading your new book 🙂

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