Blog Post-Mortem

This isn’t the end, but it is the end of the beginning. After 9 years writing this blog I’ve decided that it’s too much. Too much of it is facile, superficial, shallow nonsense. At the very least far too much of what I write isn’t me writing at all. It’s me echoing banal platitudes that someone else has already recycled.

The occasional statistic is OK, but that’s what my brainmail newsletter is for. And there’s What’s Next too.

Anyway, enough. Enough of the pressure to post something (anything) daily. Enough thinking that if I don’t post something every day people will stop reading what I write. Enough writing without really saying anything. Most of all, enough time looking at a screen instead of looking out of a window and really thinking.

Instead of a daily post I will try to post something more substantial weekly or even monthly. It will hopefully be considered, edited, original and, most of all, me.

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5 Responses to Blog Post-Mortem

  1. Mikel says:

    Hey Richard,

    Do what feels good to you!
    Don,t worry we,ll keep reading your fantastic books!

  2. Richard Watson says:

    Hey Mikel,

    That’s kind of you. I must say there is a wonderful sense of freedom in not having to think of something to write each and every day. On the other hand it’s meant not writing about my recent hotel stay where I had to telephone reception and say: “Look, I’m not being stupid, but could someone come up and explain to me how the bath plug works?” But maybe I’ll save that story for the next book!


  3. hupovoy says:

    for me your blog – a must-read. forever. even if I will have to wait long for your article

  4. niiiiiiko says:

    Hi Richard,

    I’ll keep reading your blog no matter what intervals you post things. I don’t come here every day (more like 1x-2x a week) but when I do I catch up with your previous days’ notes. This is the only blog I’ve ever followed – I understand why you wouldn’t want to be forced to write. blogs are strange you pointed out in earlier notes and books we live in an information overload era. it’s too much info everywhere but I’ve stayed loyal to your take on things cuz one can get a mixture of funny, insightful, interesting, totally off the cuff, thought-provoking, eye-opening, etc. entries. yes there’s recycling (isn’t it happening in all areas of life anyway? e.g. music, history…) but it may be beneficial for others [most of the times]. and with your books we get a little bit more of you.

    I don’t think anyone expects great insights each day. They can think for themselves too πŸ˜‰ and come up with the thought/stat/idea of the day.

    anyhooo, keep up the good work – i love your stuff.


  5. Richard Watson says:

    Thanks once again. What is nice is getting some distance and being able to think again. Perhaps posting once a month is a bit extreme, but less often is certainly the way to go. Maybe the solution is a well thought through original piece – 800-1000 word- s once a month backed up by an observation, question, image, stat or quote once or twice a week.

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