Feed your mind with a brain snack

It’s October so, naturally, the August issue of brainmail has just gone up.

Here’s a tiny taster…

Human hair heists
You couldn’t make this up. In the US the crime of the
moment is human hair heists by criminal gangs. Examples
include the recent murder of a beauty shop owner in
Michigan and the hair raising robbery of My Trendy Place
Salon in Texas that netted $150,000 worth of human hair.
Ref: New York Times (US)

Go figure…
China’s current 5-year plan includes a promise to build 36 million new houses. This is more than the UK’s total housing stock. The 5-year plan also includes a quadrupling of China’s railway system and 54 new airports.
Ref: The Economist (UK)

Read the whole brainmail issue (for free) here or right  here if you want to read it on a smartphone.

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