Reputation management

Just back from Paris (I love saying that). I think I may have fallen in love – no, with the city, although…anyway, get yourself over there.

So what’s up? Well I’m doing something for Telstra at the London Business School today, the Japanese edition of Future Minds arrived in the post today (The South Korean edition came yesterday) and I note in today’s newspapers that 73% of employers now offer counselling services to staff suffering from the negative effects of stress in the workplace.

I also note from the papers that 40% of workers would rather see a colleague fired than take a pay cut and that 60% would sacrifice green initiatives rather than lose the office coffee machine. Good to see that anxiety and individualism are still in full swing.

On a separate note two more things in the post. First a book of the physical variety.
It was supposed to be new but ended up being slightly used. What was interesting was the handwritten note that came with the purchase (from Amazon) saying sorry and enclosing a free movie.

Simultaneously I received a new phone from Hong Kong (via eBay). My £2.95 phone bought a week earlier from Carphone Warehouse didn’t work too well (- do you think!) so I upgraded. Anyway, same story. Along with the phone came a note saying that if I had any problems with it whatsoever please do not leave negative feedback on eBay but contact the seller and he will resolve the problem (postal address, land-line, mobile and fax all included).

The positive power of connectivity. Looks like all that stuff about reputation becoming really important might actually be true.

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