Ideas to improve the world

Tempting as it is to suggest that you read a working paper in the Harvard Business Review Working Knowledge newsletter called ‘An Empirical Decomposition of Risk Liquidity in Nominal and Inflation-Indexed Government Bonds’ (seriously – the things some people do to make a living) I think it would be better if I didn’t.

Instead I’d like to suggest that people check out a competition in the New Scientist magazine asking people to submit ideas for projects that would most improve the world. Contenders have included computers with signs of consciousness, remote sensing and presence, medical nano-bots and synthetic biology (the production of polymers, chemicals and bio-fuels to use as bio-sensors – or even computer parts – through to low cost drugs and new fuels). Taking of good stuff, I’m finishing off The Rough Guide to the Future by Jon Turney. Totally recommended.

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