2010 Trends – A Roadmap for the Future


It’s finally done. My new trends and technology timeline for 2010 is now up. Please post any comments, criticisms or suggestions and I will incorporate these in the very final printed version. Please also note that it’s really a waste of time looking at this on a small screen or printing it out at less than A3 size because it’s hugely complicated. If you want giant printed colour copies just contact me.

The map has 16 lines representing everything from society & culture to news & media. There are also 5 time zones representing 2010-2050, so everything that falls outside the central zone (zone 1) is obviously a prediction.The map is published under a Creative Commons Share-A-Like Licence so you can do anything you like with it, including selling it, just so long as you say where it came from.

I have a feeling this map with get forwarded around cyberspace at great speed:.

The key mega trends on the map are:

– Ageing

– Power shift Eastwards

– Globalisation

– Localisation

– Digitalisation

– Personalisation

– Volatility

– Individualism

– Environmental change

– Sustainability

– Debt

– Urbanisation

Some of the predictions include:

– All televised sport becomes short-format

– Epidemic of new disorders caused by uncensored use of digital devices

– Turkey, Iran and Mexico become key powers

– Online communities gather offline to start physical communities

– The robot population surpasses the human population

– Brain holidays

– Communications free resorts

– People attending online funerals

– The appearance of laboratory grown meat in supermarkets

Some of the partial ruins (things that are partly destroyed) include:

– Intimacy

– Privacy

– Modesty

– Paper statements and bills

– Humility

– Optimism about the future

The link…see comments below for a click-thru version.


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20 Responses to 2010 Trends – A Roadmap for the Future

  1. Thank you very much, you’ve done an amazing work!

  2. Dennis says:

    Been receiving Brainmail for many many moons.
    Is there no RSS fee to the blog?
    LOVE the map – can’t find muich to disagree with, but note that there isn’t much that I would considr to be positive in our future 😉

  3. Dennis says:

    Found the feed – ignore…

  4. subpixel says:

    All vehicles fitted with GPS [x2]
    Prediction: First internet addiction clinic – aren’t these already in existence?

  5. Richard says:

    Thanks for spotting that (GPS). Addiction clinic? Not heard of one?

  6. Max Kaehn says:

    Spotted duplicates: Lunar Dimming Streetlights, Emergence of Gross National Happiness Metrics, Basic Forms of AI.

    Healthcare rationing has always been here; not sure what it’s doing on a trends map. If there were a change in how it’s rationed, that would belong on the map.

    Peak Copper will lead to a lot of interesting disruption as existing copper cables get dug up (either as part of planned infrastructure maintenance or as piracy); it’s already happening (with steel, too).

  7. Richard Watson says:

    Keep those comments coming folks…I’d love this to be a collaborative production!!!!

  8. Harmony says:

    Hi Richard (and readers)
    Spent a few hours in one of my favorite bookstores today and found your book, which led me to your site, which at last, led me to your blog.
    Of course, being new to your work, (and not new to trends or social forcasts), I would not venture at this point to offer any comment beyond, WOW, thanks for this amazing work, the detail, your focus, and willingness to offer so much to your readers.
    Thank you Richard.

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  11. Great conceptual map! Thanks a lot for sharing and allowing us to publish it in our own web pages! Of course is not much readable but even so…pretty clear of main ‘lines’!

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  14. Steph says:

    Great insight! Agree with most of your predictions.

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  16. subpxiel says:

    Sorry, late response with regards to internet addiction treatment.


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  18. Elliott More says:

    Hi, I’ve just been through this and found a couple of double entries:
    Medical Tourism
    Consumer E-Health
    Basic forms of AI
    Face recognition doors
    Lunar dimming streetlights
    Water labelling (of all products)
    All vehicles fitted with GPS

    Great map though, thanks!

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