Best Books about the Future (non-fiction)

As you can see from above image I’m still largely looking at the ceiling. Here’s my promised list of best books about the future – not ranked.
Future Shock by Alvin Toffler

The Next 100 Years by George Friedman

Footprints of the Future by Richard Neville

Faster by James Gleick

Tomorrow’s People by Susan Greenfield

The 500 Year Delta by Jim Taylor and Watts Wacker

The Clock of the Long Now by Stewart Brand

Futurewise by Patrick Dixon

The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman

When Things Start to Think by Neil Gershenfeld

Envisioning the Next 50 Years Bruce Sterling

The Catalog of Tomorrow by Andrew Zoli

More than Human by Ramez Nan

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Future Perfect by Robyn Williams

Future Hype by Bob Seidensticker

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6 Responses to Best Books about the Future (non-fiction)

  1. Richard Watson says:

    Missed a few…

    Futurecast 2020 by Robert Shapiro
    Microtrends by Mark Penn
    The Extreme Future by James Canton
    The Meaning of the 21st Century by James Martin

  2. RSS says:

    I believe Roger C. Elliott’s new book: What Back Then Was Like and stories passed on by ancestors should be recognized as a future classic!

  3. TEd says:

    Thank you so much for the tip on Roger C. Elliott’s book. I agree. It is masterful–so simplistic that it’s masterful. I had to buy one for my archives and I’ve given 5 of them as gifts to my family members! I’m on the bandwagon.


  4. mary says:

    I, too liked this book. It’s pretty cool how he put it all together. I’d like to pick his brain.


  5. Siddhant says:

    Best book about the real future-


  6. Richard says:

    Yes, read that! Good.

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