Five Predictions

I was asked by a TV show to make 5 predictions for the future. They gave me 10 minutes, which presumably says something about the acceleration of something or other.

1 Coins will die out, then notes, eventually there will be a single global (digital) currency. Maybe around 2050. People won’t like this but they will eventually get used to it.

2 We will eventually wear computers. Computers will also be embedded in the majority of everyday objects. We will also have the ability to turn any wall or flat surface into a computer screen using various mobile devices (phones, watches, wearable protectors).

3 The next world war will happen in space.

4 All newborn babies will eventually be ‘tagged’ with some kind of transmitter so that parents can track them and so that vital medical records etc can be held within their bodies for fast access. This will start off as a ‘premium’ NHS service but will soon spread. This will also enable the construction of geo-fences and the development of various location-based services.

5 There will eventually be a second Luddite rebellion. People will seek to constrain the influence of machines. There will be areas where only humans are allowed and areas reversed for machines only.

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