2008 Trends

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my trend report for 2008. I keep changing my mind about the list, most recently dropping ‘Intimacy’ for ‘Something for nothing’ (i.e. ‘Free’). I’m also not 100% convinced about ‘Eco-Exhaustion’ but we’ll see. Anyway, here’s the current list.

1. Karma Capitalism
2. Rhythm & Balance
3. Making things
4. Something for nothing
5. Industrial provenance
6. Robotics
7. Data visualisation
8. Reality mining
9. Eco-exhaustion
10. Fantasy & escape

Seeing that 2007 is almost gone I thought I’d share a soft copy of my 2007 trend report with anyone that wants it. In other words it’s free – which brings us nicely back to the 2008 trend report and something for nothing don’t you think?

If you want it it’s here…

http://www.nowandnext.com/PDF/2007_complete_lores.pdf (3 mb)

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