Future Files (One Last time)

This is the last post for my book “Future Files” for 2007 because it’s now grown up and gone out into the big wide world by itself. We now have publishing deals in the UK (April ’08 launch most probably), the US (a bit later in ’08), Canada, India, China and a bunch of other places too.

One thing I have done for the new versions is add a list of the 5 most important trends for the next 50 years upfront and I’ve also added a list of 5 things that won’t change at all over the next 50 years.

Remember you can still download the whole of chapter one for free from futuretrendsbook.com although I am in the process of slightly tweaking chapter one too.

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  1. Jez says:

    Please let us know on the date that its released in the UK !!! So I can go down to Waterstones and get a copy!!!

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