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I have just been reminded by Morrison Bonpasse that I made a prediction that we’d have a single global currency by around 2030-2040. The prediction appears on my innovation timeline (address below). His reminder has also inspired me to add another category to my blog so from now on there’s a predictions section too.

4 thoughts on “Single global currency

  1. Your prediction of a Single Global Currency is on the money, so to speak. The goal of the Single Global Currency Association is 2024. Martin Wolf of the U.K.’s Financial Times, predicts 2055, so 2050 is close.The benefits of a Single Global Currency, managed by a Global Central Bank, within a Global Monetary Union, will be substantial:
    – Annual transaction costs of $400 billion will be eliminated.
    – Worldwide asset values will increase by about $36 trillion.
    – Worldwide GDP will increase by about $9 trillion.
    – Global currency imbalances will be eliminated.
    – All Balance of Payments problems will be eliminated.
    – Currency crises will be prevented.
    – Currency speculation will be eliminated.
    – The need for foreign exchange reserves will be eliminated.
    Such gains are realistic and attainable if the world decides to pursue them. The monetary unions of Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and Brunei/Singapore have shown the way.The goal of a Single Global Currency should be announced by the world’s financial leaders, including the IMF. Research and planning should begin now.

    Morrison Bonpasse
    Single Global Currency Association
    P.O. Box 390
    Newcastle, ME 04553 USA

  2. What about the currency traders and Forex? Sounds like “New World Order” stuff to me, which everyone likes to deny as conspiracy theory.

    What’s to conspire, looks like from the post above the intent is out there, and pretty open.

    Just another way to manipulate the masses and their labor. The idea of a global bank and a global currency is inherently evil. That is, if you know anything about money and the history of central banking.

    I hope I am not around to see this happen.

  3. Thanks to Morrison and his great and logical information. I totally agree and see the single global currency coming.

    The future will show but as Morrison explains in his post. There are so many positiv and money saving things.

    Of course it will still take some time but it will come. Even in digital chips or something like that. Cash will be one day displayed in museums.



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