5 thoughts on “So why are we so busy?

  1. Why do we care about the number of hours worked, if we can become more efficient at producing the same amount of output in fewer hours?
    take a farmer who is tilling his field manually, then buys an ox to work the land quicker, and then buys a tractor to do it all in a fraction of the time. Is anyone still concerned about the number of hours reducing with each stage?

  2. Output has increased. So the question remains, if we are getting more efficient and productive why do people FEEL so busy?

  3. Because everyone is spending hours trolling about on social media desperately trying to find something to be offended by, so they can scream with rage and set about causing more annoyance.

  4. Just found this…
    According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, “An average worker needs to work a mere 11 hours per week to produce as much as one working 40 hours per week in 1950.”

  5. We feel busy because of the complexity of modern “connected live” and the tons of micro-decisions we need to make every single day to run our damned gadgets, software packages, and bureaucratic obligations.

    The hole technology-driven productivity is an oax, rampant complexity and huge hierarchies have formed to make people forget about their real lives.

    Get rid of your devices for most of the day, and feel the freedom of doing less and living more.

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