Brainmail # 100

Iā€™m planning a series of drinks parties to celebrate the 100th issue of brainmail in a few months time. Likely locations are London, Sydney and New York. Register your interest below using the comments section below – I don’t especially need your name, although this would be nice, just put which city you are based in to help me with the planning.

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10 Responses to Brainmail # 100

  1. Liz says:

    I live in Adelaide but like to visit Sydney on occasion/for an occasion šŸ™‚

  2. David Blakely says:

    Canada loves you too! Don’t forget us, especially for drinks.


  3. Scott says:

    You know I’d be up for it in Sydney!

  4. Ron Ringer says:

    Hi Richard, Ron Ringer here from Sydney! It would be great to catch up and exchange news and views. Count me in.

  5. Colin Seeger says:

    Sounds a hoot. Hope I am within range that day.


  6. Simon says:

    I’ve been getting brainmail for what seems like the beginning of the universe and love it. It’s the only email that I thankfully can’t find the unsubscribe button in.

    There should be a reverse CAN SPAM act that sets forth that brainmail be subscribed to and sent automatically to every new email that is created by every email provider and ISP across the globe.

    Oh, London BTW, means I can get home before midnight for my cocoa.

    Keep up the great work!



  7. Mike Jacobson says:

    NYC drinks harder and later than anyone, just saying.*

    *Source: Focus group of 1

  8. Richard says:

    Let me see how my air-miles are shaping up – but I’m keen as….

  9. Sydney is close enough to Byron bay – of course it would be more fun in byron bay but I will make the trip down cause I do love your brain snacks…

  10. Richard says:

    Love that beach!

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