2050 and all that

Good grief, it’s almost bedtime and I’ve not been near the blog. Up to my eyes again (how does this happen?) so I’m behind with just about everything that doesn’t directly involve an invoice. Been listening to the radio a bit, specifically Radio 4 and someone talking about a book called Time Warped, which apparently argues that attention spans have not declined after all recently. Interesting thought, but somewhat at odds with my own experience. Maybe the point is that people won’t put up with long-winded rubbish these days. If you’re selling mediocrity make it very short. Then again, how does one explain 50 Shades of Grey selling 40 million copies? I’ve read it. It’s long. It’s rubbish (Fifty Shades of Drivel?).

What else is going on? I saw I quote I rather liked at the weekend, but it’s long since lost. It essentially said that the key thing about entrepreneurs is that they just don’t give up. If something gets in their way they just find a way around. Has anyone ever done a study looking at what percentage of entrepreneurs suffers from autism? I suspect it would be rather high.

Otherwise I’m trying to read (no time or attentions spans perhaps?) – specifically HSBCs report on the world in 2050. BTW, it’s worth reading this against the Economist’s recent book also about the world in 2050.

I’ve also been thinking about the future of HR, writing something for P&G and wondering why a hotel would charge £15 for internet access for 24-hours, especially when it’s free in the lobby. Oh yes, I’ve looking at carpets for the new office too.

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