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Just putting this up for Bron (the first guest post!?!). BTW, one thing that was mentioned that I forgot about was a possible return to a gold standard.

Tried to leave this comment to your post, the world in 2045, but it didn’t like all the links, thinking it was spam:

Reference “global corporations not paying a fair level of tax” I think you need something on governments pushing for the elimination of cash so that all transactions become visible and thus taxable, also fits in with authoritanism shift. With budgets under pressure, easier to Government to argue it is needed to make sure people “pay their fair share”. Maybe get rid of complex tax law (more white collar jobs gone) and move to a low flat tax on every electronic cash flow.

Also consider virtual currencies used within virtual worlds & online games as well as facebook. Mobile payments as well. Some links on the move to cashless society:

Mint chip challenge (Royal Canadian Mint behind this)

Consider also the potential for a resulting backlash against invasion of privacy this entails, driving use of systems like Bitcoin or a push for competing currencies This may be driven by a 1970s style high (but tolerable) inflation as the only politically acceptable solution to the excess of debt that has been accumulated, resulting in people questioning their “faith” in the ability of fiat currencies to hold their value (see here for a good case for inflation).

Alternatively, a few disruptions to existing payments systems (eg credit card or ATM systems not working) or interruptions in the internet may drive a renewed appreciation of physical cash.
Bron Suchecki

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4 Responses to The World in 2045 (just follow the money)

  1. James says:

    Is there a date when the Global strategic trends 2045 due be published?

  2. richard says:

    I’ll check. Won’t be for quite a while.

  3. James says:

    Have you found out if there is an approx date when the Global strategic trends 2045 will be published?


  4. richard says:

    Not for quite a while – the process has only just started. I think late next year, but I will post when it’s out.

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