Susan Boyle and the Return of Authenticity

I’ve never watched Britain’s Got Talent, but a clip of Susan Boyle singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables on YouTube has left me (and a few million other people) speechless. Why?

I think it is because she is a human being. She has not been airbrushed, photo shopped or edited. She is the real deal. She is something that people can relate to minus the fakery and spin.
She is, in a word, authentic.

Had she been blonde and beautiful her voice would have been lovely, but it would also have been expected. What shines through here is raw unadulterated talent. And people aren’t expecting that. Ms Boyle also challenges conventional definitions of beauty. Last time I looked this video clip had been viewed around 40 million times on YouTube. Perhaps authenticity is back?

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6 Responses to Susan Boyle and the Return of Authenticity

  1. Amanda says:

    I doubt authenticity is back. She is walking on a tight rope because she doesn’t look like Miss Universe or Miss World. The media will eat her alive the first time she slips up. I wish her luck, and I hope I am wrong she seems like a nice lady.

  2. Michael Schwartz says:

    A friend of mine e-mailed me Susan Boyle’s performance. I listened to her, and as many have done, responded very emotionally.
    What she was doing was giving a “One For the Gipper” performance, and EVERYONE who heard it responded and identified, in some way.
    I don’t know why, but it reminded me of a scene in “Das Boot” when the sub finally, and agonizingly made it to the surface after having been practically sunk.
    Ms. Boyle blew everyone away. The misused word “authentic” really applies to her, and she deserves the happiness she will receive. Right on! — a Fan.

  3. 04-19-2009 Here is something unique, in Susan Boyle, her talent really inspired the creativity in me, this only comes from hard work and her personal passion in singing art. Words are hard come by to describe the deep feeling of hope and honest joy! Thank you for the chance to describe the feeling I experienced hearing Susan Boyle sing!

    Edward uchalik

  4. bluewren says:

    Just so good to read your lovely posts I didn’t know there were so many beautiful people in the world until you surfaced to give your support to Susan Boyle she has made us aware there is still a true spirit of love in the world. May the force be with her.
    Hoping sincerely that Susan has a true knight errant in Piers Morgan if anyone knows what journalists can do and how to handle them a one time Newspaper editor like himself should.Perhaps that expression on his face as he absorbed his surprise and pleasure at her brilliant rendition of “I dreamed a dream” may indicate that he will.Even for the sake of the show perhaps?

  5. Janey says:

    i love the very good vocal quality of Susan Boyle. i also wanted her to win but she did not make it.

  6. Razel says:

    the voice of Susan Boyle is phenomenal and for me she is a great performer. too bad she was unable to make it to the finals.

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