Sci-Fi Hardware Store

Nice to see the new book in Singapore airport. Bumped into the old one in Vancouver airport a few weeks back too. I’ve been thinking (dangerous, I know).
I must have one of the best jobs in the world. I fly around the place talking to interesting people and they send me money. I also get paid just for reading. OK, I have to write too, but that’s not exactly a hardship is it? Anyway, enough nonsense.

I’m a bit busy today writing something on the future of work (again) and thinking about how to do at talk in Oxford without using slides. Also fiddling around with something on scenarios for the future of sport. I did notice that BP have just published their Energy Outlook to 2030 this morning. Google it. It’s quite interesting.

Toying with a gig in South Africa and waiting on a few things in South Korea too. Less about me tomorrow, hopefully. BTW, this is great. Zach from Inventables in the US sent me a link to his hardware store full of sci-fi materials for innovators. It’s brilliant.

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