Laptops, sandwiches, DIY skills & romantic fiction

A driver in the UK was recently pulled over by police for using a mobile phone and a laptop whilst driving. Police also suspected that the driver might have been eating a sandwich at the same time. Meanwhile, a report in the UK says that DIY skills could be “extinct” by the year 2048 because home maintenance skills are no longer being passed down between generations. In the 1970s 71% of men learnt DIY skills from their dads, now it’s 44%.

Something more serious? OK, I’d predict that romantic novels (i.e. Mills & Boon et al) are going to boom. Why? First, because in times of doom & gloom people need some escapist pleasure with a happy ending. Second, bodice-ripping romance novels are perfect for e-formats. They are quick snacks that do not require deep thinking and the fact that book covers are hidden from view on an e-reader removes the public embarrassment factor. Whether this means that e-readers will encourage authors to write material that’s more pornographic is an interesting question perhaps.

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